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    Spirit’s List is an online directory of Equine related services!! Spirit’s list is new and growing. They would love for you to list your business with Them. Spirit’s List gives you another resource to get your equine business or services noticed. You have listing options available to you. You can list for FREE or for a small monthly fee for a premium listing.  If you are searching for a Horse Service… they want to be your go to source!!

    We developed Spirit’s List to bring together all the best services and products available from great equine business people like you.

    Spirit’s List is easy to navigate and a cinch to set up your listings on. They can even develop special categories if you offer products and services you feel aren’t covered under the general categories.

    FYI:You will register a username and password. Once you complete that step, you will go to the main page and click the listing button. Just follow the instructions listed. If you are uploading photos, they will need to be about the dimensions of a business card or approximately Wide: 500px * Height: 307.2px.


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