Update on the Photographer Scam with the Atlantic Magazine

A month or so ago, I posted about a scam that I almost “fell” for.  IF you missed it, you can read about it here..  I was recently offered a job as a photographer with the Atlantic Magazine


Well – I just got a new message about the Atlantic Magazine position as a photographer.  Thought I’d share it since a bit of the information is little different. Here it is:

“I’m matt, we are hiring photographer for the November edition of Atlantic Magazine. I saw your profile on Yelp, After reviewing your profile, I feel excited with your work, kindly email your recent resume to (mattthompson172@gmail.com ) so that I can send over the full shooting descriptions. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.”

So.. if you get a message from a mattthompson172@gmail.com   or the number (360) 602-7268 .   DO NOT REPLY – SCAM    


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