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More and more these days, it seems that every business needs a website to survive. Whether you need a small, basic site that shows who you are and what you do, or larger fully-functional, interactive site – I want to help you! Take a look below at just a few of the different options and ways that I, as a web designer, can help you.  I am currently working on offering WordPress classes for beginners. If you are interested, please let me know!  As of now, I am still offering one on one tutoring sessions.

• Design: Part of what makes a good website standout is the design. I can help you achieve what you are looking for. I can start from scratch and design your own template with your choice of colors & design. Or I can work with a template you already have.

Graphics: I can help you create the logo that you have always imagined for your company. If I do not feel like I can achieve the look you want, I have great sources that we can go too.

Banners: A lot of sites like to use banners along the top of their page or running down the side. I can design a banner that will make your site stand out.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization: I can help you achieve higher search results, resulting in your business getting more hits. SEO techniques change quite often. I can help you maintain your site to stay up with the latest.

• Blogging: I can help you create your own blog and teach you how to start blogging. You do not need to have a business to blog! It seems these days, everyone is blogging!

Template Editing: Template websites are becoming extremely popular since they are easy to use and give business owners the ability to create their own website. If you have purchased one and need to edit the files, I can help

Virtual Assistant: I offer virtual assistance to clients remotely from my home office. Includes Microsoft word, spreadsheets, newsletters, email, Photoshop & more!

• Fav Icon: Don’t know what that is? It’s the image you see when you go to a url or bookmark a page. Mine is a sunflower. I am able to design and publish these for you.

 WordPress: I can install WordPress on your new site or set it up on an existing site. WordPress can be overwhelming at first, but I can help you through that and before you know it, you’ll be blogging like a pro! Plug-ins are a one of wordPress’s most confusing features. I can help you understand what you need an how best to utilize each plug-in for your website.

• Social Media: Facebook, Twitter.. you name it. Social Media has become a great outlet to get your business out there. I can help you with your profile picture on your business page, set up a welcome page & show you how to add custom tabs. I can also make you a custom Facebook Cover Photo. If you are interested in running contests, I can set these up for you or show you as well.

Newsletters: If you have a lot of news that you get out, I can help you set up an electronic newsletter.

Video Encoding: Embedding Videos onto sites have become quite the hit lately! I can help you format your videos into all the correct files for best viewing.

Podcasting & Video casting: Are you ready podcasting?? Podcast and Video cast is a terrific way to get your message across!

Photography: I can take still photos of your product, family portraits or scenery shots. I use a lot of my photographs as backgrounds and graphics in several of my designs. Visit my photography site today.

If this is your first website, this might all seem very overwhelming to you. That’s why I’m here! I love helping and teaching others to learn how to get the most out of their websites and blogs. I’d love to help you as well! Be sure to contact me with any questions or for your personal quote.

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Online Tutorial Classes

  • Three online classes with easy Step-by-Step tutorials for beginners on WordPress, SEO & Social Media.

    • Discover how easy blogging can be!
    • Learn how to optimize your website for search engine traffic.
    • Social Media – Tips & tricks to help you get traffic back to your site in the form of customers.
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