How to add a Watermark using Adobe Lightroom

I thought I’d share an easy way to watermark your images using Lightroom!

This will help prevent people from stealing your photos without permission and help prevent people from altering the images you post on the internet! And. of course… it will show off your brand!

Super Easy Steps for Lightroom users!!

Step 1: Create Your Text or Logo
It’s best to use a png file to upload. But jpg will also work. Don’t have a logo yet? Contact me and I can help you come up with the perfect design!
Step 2: Add the Watermark
On the main menu in Lightroom: Click File > Export > check the watermark box (you’ll have to scroll down) Now you’ll see the “edit watermark” feature.
Step 3: Create a Text Watermark
If you do not have a logo – you can type in your text that you would like to appear on images.
Step 4: Create an Image or Logo Watermark
Make sure you have access to the saved image on file. To upload the watermark image, first select the graphic at the top of the edit watermark dialog box, right by the text option. Now, select the image or graphic from your files. You will notice the text options will be grayed out. The effects options are available to change the opacity, size and location of the watermark.

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