5 Of My Favorite Google Tips

Google Tips 1. Let’s start with my favorite! Type “do a barrel roll” into Google’s search bar. LOL! How cool was that?!
2. Use Quotes – Type in what you are searching for and put the quotation marks around the phrase. Example “how to grow elephant ears”
3. Use the tabs – Web, Image, News, and More. For example, type Elephant Ears and then click on Images to see pictures of Elephant ears.
4. Find sites that are similar to other sites – If you wanted to find a site that was a lot like www.gardendesign.com, then you would type related:gardendesign.com
5. If you are looking for something that has more than one meaning, use the minus (-) sign to eliminate results containing certain words that you don’t want to include. Example: You want to search for Mustang horses. Type in Mustang – cars, which will give you results for all Mustang results that do not include horses.


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I found this infographic from B. Ireland-Symonds on Pinterest – I LOVE it!!

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